Bonded Bark

If you want a natural looking, cost-effective, safety surface for your playground or play area, why not consider Bonded Bark?

Bonded bark is made up of coloured shredded rubber bound together to give a natural effect and to provide an impact absorbing surface. Bonded bark can be used in any setting but works to complement playgrounds and play areas that are situated in woodland and country settings.

Bonded bark is easily maintained and has the added bonus of being a porous surface. In the event of heavy rainfall, it has the ability to dry quickly, preventing puddles forming. The porous nature of  bonded bark prevents mud, dirt and dust. This results in a cleaner, safer surface. This reduces the maintenance required.

Bonded bark gives a natural effect, whilst maintaining the safety of a soft surface. Bonded bark also comes in a number of colours to suit the environment of where it is installed. Because bonded bark requires less preparation, it requires minimal groundwork, which in turn provides a cost-effective safety surface.

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