Grass Mats

Grass mats are an impact absorbing surface whilst protecting the grass underneath. Rubber grass mats are also an ideal, cost-effective safety surface.

Made out of recycled rubber, The Surfacing Group is able to install grass mats on both flat and contoured ground. If you are looking to install grass mats on more boggy, muddy or unstable grounds then The Surfacing Group can help. By simply installing stabilising mesh underneath the grass mat, grass mats can be installed on most grounds. Although grass protection mats can be positioned on the boggiest of grounds, they don’t actually require any base work.

Grass mats are also maintenance free and come with the added bonus that grass can grow through; protecting lawns yet still enabling mowers to cut any appearing grass. With the ability to maintain grass growth, grass protection mats also provide effective drainage to prevent any damage to grounds underneath.

Safety is still priority when it comes to grass protection mats, with a 3.1 metre fall height, grass mats are effective as a safety surface. Grass mats are available in black and green.

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