Safety Surface Repair Kits

Holes? Shrinkage? Vandalism? You don’t have to re-surface your wet pour safety surface, simply purchase a Safety Surface repair kit

Safety surfaces wet pour floorings are carried out to the highest standard, but sometimes unexpected accidents can happen or the surface is vandalised. Instead of re-surfacing your wet pour flooring why not purchase a safety surface repair kit?

A safety surface repair kit is a cost-effective way of repairing any damage. The repair kit comes with full step-by-step instructions (it’s a very easy process repairing wet pour), binder and gloves. The repair kit will fix an area of up to 1m² and is designed for ease of use. If you would rather hand-over the repair, The Surfacing Group is happy to make the repair for you.

So if you have any holes, shrinks or vandalism to your wet pour surface, don’t re-surface simply contact The Surfacing Group today and order your safety surface repair kit. Alternatively why not call out a member of our maintenance team today, and we will repair any soft surface within the UK.