Wet Pour Safety Surface

The Surfacing Group has installed wet pour surfaces all over the UK for many different types of uses – playgrounds, nurseries, school, carehomes and stables.

Wet pour installations reduce serious injuries and with a huge variety of colours available, they also look great, encouraging children’s imagination during play.  Call us now on 01625 528464 or complete our contact form to find out more.

To learn more about wet pour surfacing read on.

Wet pour is a continuous safety surface made from bonded EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Di Monomer) rubber. Wet pour comes in a number of different colours to suit and ensures a safe, cushioned, durable surface.

Wet pour surfacing is often associated with playground surfaces as it provides a safe, cushioned surface ideal for preventing serious injury to children in the event of a fall. As wet pour is a porous material it prevents puddles forming and dries at a rapid rate to ensure maximum safety.

Traditionally used on playground surfaces wet pour can also be used in a number of different applications due to its versatility. Wet pour has known to be used in parks, around swimming pools, in care homes, stables, golf course walkways and even in domestic homes.

Wet pour comes in a number of different colour schemes and finishes; the surface is so versatile it can even have logos, shapes and designs installed. With this in mind wet pour is great for providing exciting shapes and designs for children’s playgrounds and equally as good for incorporating company logos?

At The Surfacing Group we use EPDM virgin wet pour rubber granules. We use these granules for both our black and coloured rubber safety surface installations. Depending on the nature of your installation, surfacing depths for the rubber flooring can range from 20mm to 110mm. The depth of your flooring can be determined by the operating height of your playground equipment and the proximity of other supplies and equipment.

The Surfacing Groups’ wet pour systems are installed in accordance with and certified to BS EN 1177: 1998. If asked upon, we can provide a copy of our wet pour rubber standards certificate at any time.

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