Nursery Safety Surfaces

We have installed safety surfaces in nurseries all over the UK. We are able to provide a safe environment which stimulates and encourages the children to play.

The majority of safety surfaces we install for nurseries are wet pour surfaces. Wet pour is a porous system, which enables the children to utilise the surface much more than a conventional surface. It also reduces serious injuries due to falls. The surface does not crumb, and so provides a clean environment.

Wet pour can be used in and around your nursery playground, coming in a huge array of different colours. Wet pour provides an exciting and inspiring nursery environment. Wet pour surfaces don’t just end with different colours, you can also add shapes, logos and fun graphics to your wet pour surface to add that little bit more excitement and stimulation.

All members of the Safety Surface teams are CRB checked. They are also aware of health and safety and ensure that the site is as safe as possible, which is particularly important where the nursery is already occupied.

So if you are planning a nursery playground, require a new nursery surface or simply want to talk about any projects you have in mind, call The Surfacing Group today.

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