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Safe surfacing and flooring for parks, playgrounds and play areas by safety surfaces

Parks and playgrounds are a place of adventure and fun for children. Unfortunately children do have accidents. The Surfacing Group provides playground flooring that is both fun and safe.

The Surfacing Group commonly use wet pour flooring for installations;  Wet pour provides an impact absorbing surface that cushions falls and gives that added element of safety. Wet pour surfaces can also add an added feeling of excitement to any park or playground. With wet pour you can have different colours, patterns and logos designed into your playground surface; adding excitement, fun and imagination to your playground or park flooring. Wet pour also comes with the added benefit of being a porous surface, meaning no more puddles on your playground and enabling it to be used more throughout the year.

The Surfacing Group can offer alternatives to wet pour such as soft bond rubber mulch. Soft bond is made from bonded rubber; it looks like traditional chippings but without the mud, dust, and scattering. Soft bond rubber mulch provides children with a playground or park that is cleaner and mud free. Traditional chipping surfaces are also commonly used as a toilet facility by foxes, cats and other animals, which puts hygiene into question. Soft bond rubber mulch is practical, aesthetically pleasing and most of all safe, requiring minimal groundwork preparation.

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